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60% of web browsing now occurs via mobile phones

Responsive Websites

In the age of the mobile phone, having a website optimized for mobile devices is now a necessity. In fact, Google has found that over 60% of visitors are likely to abandon your website forever if it’s not mobile friendly. 40% percent will end up on your competitor’s website. Don’t lose business, and don’t send customers to your competitors. Build a mobile friendly website that highlights your business, its products and services, and why customers should buy from you. Make your customer’s decision making process easy with a mobile responsive website.

Responsive Website Development

*Starting price. Includes free domain name & 6 months hosting.
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Why Responsive Websites

Be Responsive, Maximize Conversions

The best websites know how to respond to any size screen. All of our responsive websites will automatically determine the size of the viewing screen, and instantly present itself in an optimized format that makes it easy for customers to find whatever they are looking for. This will increase conversions and consumer satisfaction.

Touch Optimized, Profit Maximized

Touch screens have dramatically changed the way people interact with websites, and have also increased opportunities to engage and convert visitors. A professionally built mobile responsive website is optimized for touch screen interaction on both smartphones and tablets. This means more clicks, more visits, more purchases, and more sign-ups.

Stand Above The Competition

The best modern websites are mobile responsive. Having dated websites hurts your brand and gives your competitors a leg up. A well-designed responsive website will not only increase conversions, but will look fresh for years to come and will add tremendous brand value.

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